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Relentless in building great partnerships

About Us
Calidant was founded to provide an operators first, investors second private equity solution for business owners looking for a true partner.

We have founded, acquired, invested in, and operated companies both large and small across diverse industries. 


  • Based in Dallas and Austin, TX and founded in 2010, actively investing since 2016

  • Investment team consisting of 2-5 principal / operating partners with senior-level experience

  • Goal of complete alignment across operating, financial, and strategic interests

  • Strong generalist and industry-specific experience across various sectors

We live by our mission to relentlessly focus on building superior companies for all stakeholders in our partnerships through true alignment and a culture of collaboration.

Why We Are Different

We have worked with and within some of the finest middle market businesses and investment firms across the country. As operators, we have each run businesses and understand the unique challenges that companies face in quickly-evolving business environments.   As investors, we understand the financial expectations, execution strategies, and key deal points on both sides of the table. 


Our focus on a limited number of portfolio companies and our varied experience investing in, consulting with, and directly operating companies gives us a unique focus and perspective on maximizing an ever-changing set of business opportunities in our partnerships.


What will never change, however, is our unyielding commitment to the interests of our partners.

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What Calidant Signifies

To craft a unique moniker, we defined the attributes that we wanted our firm to stand for, and the concepts that rose to the top were being of high "caliber," optimizing the "cadence" of our work and service, and always pressing forward in a "valiant" manner. The name "Calidant" was born from a literal combination of these tenants.

be trustworthy, loyal, and of high integrity

the pattern or flow of events and experiences

lead by setting and keeping the rhythm

possessing courage and brave determination

boldly advocate the interests of all partners

the quality of one's character and ability








Committed to Excellence
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